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  • We are interested in:
  • Investment approach
  • Values create trust
  • We are interested in:

  • Investment approach

    Spielmann Invest AG would like to create sustainable added value with its activities: Added value for all a company’s stakeholders or for all those involved in real‐estate projects.

      Spielmann Invest AG aims to help achieve added value for customers, management, employees and shareholders in the companies it supports. Customer benefit is paramount in all its entrepreneurial activity. This focus is based on the conviction that companies whose customers are satisfied can also provide their shareholders with appropriate financial compensation.
      One of the regular challenges facing Spielmann Invest AG is the development and realisation of concepts for real estate. The aim is to achieve a sustainable return as well as satisfied tenants and users.
      Spielmann Invest AG invests its own capital in the financial markets, endeavouring to achieve the best possible return while taking account of Urs Spielmann’s values.
  • Values create trust

    A culture of trust creates the foundation for striving towards economic added value. In shaping our business relationships, we try to build up trust. To this end, we are guided by five values.

    Five values for a culture of trust:

      Investment projects or companies must achieve an appropriate profit. Only then can appropriate account be taken of the different needs of various stakeholders. Profit ensures sustainability.
      Holistic thinking and action requires a view beyond individual areas or sub‐areas. Management is not maximising individual factors but optimising partially conflicting interests. We also think for others and for the whole.
      Openness and straightforwardness include the fact that we address and weigh up problems and possible risks openly when making decisions. We try to be honest with ourselves and others.
      Reliability, i.e. consistent actions, provides the basis for trust. All parties involved must be able to rely on that which has been said. We keep to this.
      Values establish confidence when they are exemplified and implemented. We live up to our values.

  • Felix qui nihil debet

    (Happy is he who owes nothing)

  • Hone good but unprofitable ideas

    until they become profitable.

  • Follow an objective

    and consider other options.

  • Fata viam invenient

    (Fate will find a way)

  • Each development

    leads through critical phases.

  • Discipline
    makes small numbers formidable, procures success to the weak, and esteem to all. (George Washington)
  • Save constantly and invest

    compound interest is a powerful tool.

  • New projects

    will emerge from events.

  • Fac recte neminem time

    (Do what is right and fear no one)